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A man slightly bewildered by his good fortune. God has been kind.

Two Things

There are two things in this world: growth and atrophy; and while growth is painful and resource intensive, atrophy is brutal and wasteful.

Growth takes time and saps every energy the living being has. It is deliberate and uncompromising – it does not take excuses and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Growth is your mother. Growth sets the standards and never lets you take a nap while you think of whether to continue growing or not. Growth has no time for that – it will not be ignored – it will not be compromised. Growth picks its fights and never wastes scarce resources in the pursuit of fleeting pleasures and the adulation of the foolish masses – it is deliberate.

Atrophy is the cousin of death. She is greedy and conceited. She makes nothing but demands everything, including what she did not sow. She is not fair. She comes through the door as soon as she hears that growth is sound asleep – raids the pantry and doesn’t bother to clean up. She waltzes out the front door and makes a mess of the flowers.

There is but one truth in this world: What you feed grows; what you ignore dies.


What du think? :)

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This entry was posted on May 11, 2014 by in life.
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