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Ayana Heart Fund

Ayana Wanjiru Ndumu is the daughter of Ben and Maureen.  She was born on December 21st, 2013.  This little beautiful bundle of joy was welcomed into this problem filled world with a few problems of her own, which she has handled with amazing strength and grace.


She was born with two holes in her heart, a congenital heart defect which is a common occurrence in many births. This has thus affected the normal flow of blood through her heart which has manifested itself as stunted growth, and much less energy than the average infant would have. Many times, the hole in the heart will close up naturally, but in some cases where the hole persists up to six months after birth, then surgical intervention is necessary to fix the problem.

This is the point Ayana is at. She has been strong all through the past five months, but requires surgery for her to be able to grow. The surgery is tricky for an infant as small as Ayana is, and cannot be properly dealt with locally. The best option, based on cost and expertise, appears to be India. They have the required experience, as well as facilities, to handle such a delicate operation.  That said, we have done the math of the projected costs of taking Ayana to India, the cost of surgery, bringing her back home, and possible treatment after the operation; It all comes to 1.5Million. It’s no small amount, but no price tag can be put on a human life, and we’re confident that we’ll hit the mark soon enough. We hope to raise this amount with your help.

We need all the help we can get. First and foremost, we need your prayers. God is more than able to move mountains and provide adequate funding… He is able to see Ayana through these tough hurdles to a point where she will look back and smile, for she is alive.
This is a very time-sensitive undertaking, because the longer we wait, the harder it will be to ensure a normal, healthy and long life for Ayana. We’re therefore trying to raise this amount of money in a month, and we know that we can if you join us in realizing the urgency of the situation. We’re looking to do a harambee in about three weeks to fund raise for Ayana’s surgery. However, starting now, we’re open to monetary donations that will go straight into a bank account, set up for this cause.
We acknowledge that help may come in all shapes and sizes, and none of it will be too small. Whatever amount you can offer, whether straight from your pocket, or from an event whose ticket sales were offered in part to Ayana’s fund… We welcome them all! From the straightforward traditional donations, to the more creative fund-raising methods of our times! We welcome them.

We humbly request that you partner with us to help give LIFE to the ever courageous Ayana Wanjiru.
May God bless you, and reward you richly for your support through this time.

Donations can be sent to:


ACCOUNT NO.: 1002005448




PAYBILL: 488488

ACCOUNT NO.: 1002005448


2 comments on “Ayana Heart Fund

  1. Gasheri Gichunge
    June 13, 2014

    this is noble course worth all the support. God indeed is our present help in time of need.

  2. Agnes
    June 18, 2014

    Maureen and Ben- you are in our thoughts and prayers. We also pray for Baby Ayana’s quick recovery.We just heard about this- we will be in touch.
    Agnes (Boston)

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