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Things I Have Stopped Doing

You’ll be surprised how many things have changed over the years – as they should and as they always will – you’ll be surprised just how quickly time flies. I was talking to my friend the other day and he remembered just how much I hated going to Java with my girlfriend then. I hated it for one reason: I couldn’t pay. And paying is important – especially for a proud person like myself. And my friend reminded me now how many times I visit Java as “I wait for you to get to town” – but the real issue here is the overcoming of these small mountains for they speak to a greater goal – the importance of overcoming is that you realize that there’s quite a lot you may consider a big deal until confronted.

Which is why I decided to go to driving school after I was the number plate to my dad’s car – KPW 173 – and it had the most profound effect on me – a very calming feeling and I had little doubt that it would be a good idea to start surprising my fiancée by driving into River Café or Villa Rosa Kempinsky, because it’s pretty difficult to surprise someone by asking them to drive into a fancy restaurant.

I also stopped shopping at Tuskys, unless there’s a war and Nakumatt has been bombed. And I never realized it until just yesterday when I had porridge laced with citric acid, and I remembered just how much I like porridge. And the last time I enjoyed porridge that much was back when I was in Starehe and we just loved porridge. Always bought those porridge packs at Tuskys Number 9, board a mat back to school and have a good mug of porridge just before preps.

It’s also pretty weird how I no longer have just one pair of shoes. I have always only owned one pair of shoes. Especially in law school, where we were chided by girls for attending lectures in my slippers – guys don’t care about that level of frivolity – that I attended any lecture – apart from Public International Law by Prof. Kithure Kindiki – was a miracle in itself. So seeing 4 pairs of shoes in my very humble home in Ruaka gave me a moment to wonder why I never had too many pairs of shoes – maybe growing up in a big family does that – and curiously, I’d like to have a big family too – biological and adopted.

I have always struggled with money – and thankfully, not so much anymore. Which is a blessing because I am very passionate about this thing human beings call “poverty” – a man made creation brought about by a deficit of compassion laced with greed. I pray to God that there may be abundance in the places plagued by lack, and moderation in the places that have always  overflowed with bounty.

I pray that your lives may change for the better. I pray that you may realize that what is happening right now to you is life, and that the sum total of these experiences – especially in their diversity with the experiences of your friends – is life. Life at its most basic and unadulterated form. Life. Oh that beautiful word.


4 comments on “Things I Have Stopped Doing

  1. Anonymous
    December 28, 2014

    i agree…. it aint a surprise if i drive myself there lol

    • Kiriga IV's ma
      December 28, 2014

      KirigaIV’s ma’s comment above

  2. Kiriga III- The Impressario
    December 29, 2014

    Very interesting name…

  3. ketihapa
    October 9, 2015

    Great post! And it made lots of sense.. One day things will get better

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