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Am I brighter than you?

There’s a font I’ve discovered that allows me to write better than the usual Times New Roman font that everyone asks that you write in. fonts are important because they define your style. They declare one thing to be right and another to be wrong – in much the same way some people drink whisky and others prefer a Heineken.

Fonts are very personal and should not be rushed, because being an individual (what my mum chooses to call “individuation”) is not only the most beautiful thing, I believe it is the only thing. And I’ll give you a few examples of individuation (beautiful word).

  1. Work Murimi

This Murimi pretends to be more intelligent than the next guys, but feels like his hobbit hole has been invaded by Gandalf the Gray and the dwarves – forced to go on  a journey that’s most unexpected.

  1. DNK Murimi

I was talking to my friend the other day about her going back to her ex – I wasn’t encouraging her to do it, far from it; she was just narrating that they had broken up and she thought he didn’t see life the same way she did. I nodded, agreed, and continued to sip on my Heineken. We met after a few more months and she told me they’d got back together; and I could not judge her – I know just how delicate relationships are and I never blame anyone for doing what they do. I am not even surprised when battered women stay with their husbands. Do not get me wrong. I do not apologize for these evil and belittling men – what I do not do is claim to be a better and more logical person than the ladies who stick with this scum.

Love is a delicate thing. It is more enduring than the green grass. It is more beautiful than a brilliant sunrise. The DNK Murimi must be understood within these strict parameters.

  1. B & A Murimi

These two niggers do not think I’m cool – and I admit that I try too much to be cool. I should probably tone that down. My friends and I are at a stage in our lives where we’re buying cars, planning parties and road trips and now, planning weddings. We’re no longer happy that we’ve graduated and started working; that was two years ago. Now, many parts are moving and only God knows where we go next. I pray that we are brave enough to do better at this stage than we did in the years past (Whisky Thursday in Campus – Kardashians – Graduation – First job – Car…)

  1. Nyeri Murimi

Nyeri reminds me of primary school and social awkwardness. I do my best to avoid it. I feel the weight of Nyeri whenever I visit. I don’t like that. Naturally. I make no excuses for the past and make no attempt to sanitize history. We are all we are because of what we have been through. I do not like Nyeri that much; but I have no choice.

  1. Ruaka Murimi

I am not a very sociable person especially with people I have not known for a while. In the morning, I look really angry and unapproachable – and I blame it on the coffee not having kicked in and the Ruaka cold. One of my neighbour friends (surprisingly, I have friends) told me the other day that she was told by her other friend that I looked like I never talked to anyone (other than that day when KPLC katad my power when I was in Mombasa and when I came back, had to look for the caretaker – who I hate – but who needs me because he was being sued and thought he could leverage my  wakili skills – I informed him that I major in International Tax and had my doubts that these skills could be brought to bear to aid him)

The Ruaka Murimi isn’t a guy you’d fall in love with.

One of my friends (she’s more honest than most) told me on 27th that I need to stop trying to prove to everyone that I’m brighter than them. I was shell shocked because she was very right. So that’s going to be my resolution for 2015. That’s got to be a task.

Let us not be fearful of who we are. Let us not pretend that we are better than the next person – and if you are convinced that you are, keep it to yourself. You are who you are.


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