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A man slightly bewildered by his good fortune. God has been kind.

Who’s Kiriga III

Well, it all started out with a 4th year law student watching a not-so-legal film in his campus room on a windy Thursday night. And then the trouble began.

Then a couple of 3rd years decided to start a party, play blaring music, (did they smoke weed?) and call a whole lot of a ruckus two feet away. I sucked it all in, swallowed my pride, and I wasn’t that hungry, and tried to sing myself to sleep. That worked.

But when I woke up, my lousy two-bit brain reminded me of the hard time I had last night going to sleep, and that is when my fingers and brain entered into a bilateral agreement they have never regretted. They wrote a note and the rest is history. Well, that and my friend who keeps prodding me to write.

Obviously there’s a little more about me, you know, here and there; but most of it is in my writing.

Writing can be soothing, but not always.

It’s ok if you don’t follow the rules. Rules are for losers. Yes, I said it. But you know I mean loser in the most sweet and cuddly of ways. You know, politically correct.

Reading is even more soothing, and by reading I mean a couple of hours slouched over a good book. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for bad posture, just good reading.

I’m a young lawyer struggling to topple my seniors – but wondering when I’ll ever get the chance. I am learning by the day, and soon I will slip into the kings chamber and gut him while he sleeps. [sorry I got morbid there – I had no intention of doing that – you know word – you start them off in one direction and soon you’re hanging off a cliff begging your ex-girlfriend to pull you off it – and she stands there – thinking of all the bullshit you’ve taken her through] – see what I mean?

So grab a book more often than you grab a beer, and see how that goes.


4 comments on “Who’s Kiriga III

  1. coloseum
    December 30, 2010

    welcome to the family….

  2. sleepercellunltd
    December 30, 2010

    wordpress is like the hot girl your friend is dating, and yet, you’re the one she gets along with!

  3. pantakaandi
    November 2, 2011

    Glad I found this! Really enjoying reading more and more!

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