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Cracking the Code

Ofcourse guys can be needy, infact, on most occasions, they are more needy than your average lady, they just won’t admit it.

I realize that I have forgotten what inspired this page, but having said that, and informed by the reality of my current circumstances, I have decided not to stop writing.

Your average guy will walk around like he owns the world; he probably does, do not underestimate him. But you’ve got to understand that beneath that veneer of bravado and chest thumping, lies a small boy who’d like to be cuddled and loved. But the bravado is necessary; we can’t live without it. We simply can’t. Both men and women.

Imagine yourself walking through a dimly lit street, in the dead of night, all alone, clutching your handbag very close to your bosom; praying to your God, whoever you consider him to be, to save you from the ravages of robbers. And now imagine the same thing, but this time with your brother or boyfriend (If he’s not a pussy) by your side: Difference?

Of course there’s a difference. But lemmi tell you something, just because the fear does not show in his eyes does not mean it isn’t there. It’s just that if he shows it, your entire support system will crumble. And we just can’t have that now can we.

A guy has to think about everything. You can’t be a guy and walk around thinking things will work out the way you planned them. Hell no! f course there will be challenges. Ofcourse she’ll come late. Ofcourse that cheque will not clear in time. Ofcousre he doesn’t have your money today.

You ought to think of contingencies, possibilities. Your entire life is a SWOT analysis, constantly balancing and counter balancing. Because a guy cannot be responsible for himself: He’s responsible for the small world that he has created around him. He needs to protect that world from enemies, and this may mean he will have to fight, but only sometimes. He has to make sure that his world prospers, it cannot stagnate, that’s unacceptable.

A guy has to think of everything. That’s his work.


5 comments on “Cracking the Code

  1. Mia
    January 24, 2011

    LOL…it appears to me that some of them are getting fired from this “job” for a job poorly done. Just saying…

    • Kiriga III
      January 26, 2011

      EVERYTHING…there are no excuses; and not to sound like the lady from HR, “sometimes the company just has to let you go…”

  2. Anonymous
    April 17, 2012

    Really nice!!! But women too think about everything at least for those who are independent.

  3. theveon
    August 21, 2014

    ‘A guy has to think of everything. That’s his job.’ Well put

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