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Law School

Law school is all you think it is:

* Students arguing with lecturers, people arguing over either very mundane or deep thing, but never anything in between.

* Madame ni vichwa ngumu, you can’t katia them, and when you do succeed to get them to consider you a boyfriend, they’ll drive you up a wall with their arguments.

* Everybody’s dreaming of their first case, and can’t wait to have a Danny Crane moment, like firing a shotgun in court. Power to the people!

* Criminal law is the shit. I got an A by the way, didn’t sleep the night before the exam, and then I hear those results won’t be used for my degree…Yeah, I know.

* Everyone’s a highbrow writer, and wears glasses.

* We have the odd lecturer who wears the same clothes, day in day out. There are a couple of rumours doing the rounds about how brilliant he is. Marxist…That’s what I call him.

* There’s obviously a classmate who doesn’t think he’s supposed to be in lawschool, he’s here to fulfill his father’s wishes. God. That still happens?! People, it’s 2011 for heaven-sake!

* There’s the bookworm, to whom I say, bless the ground upon which you walk, for Lord Denning is watching from beyond the grave.

* There’s this nice girl you like, but she sees right through you. Creepy.

That’s lawschool for you.


8 comments on “Law School

  1. wambuiwairua
    January 18, 2011

    I’m in law school. I do not wear glasses. I do not argue much except on paper (I think). I am not particularly looking forward to my first case. I have learnt that this might consist of:
    ‘if it may please your honour, Wambui for the accused’
    ‘i seek the court’s direction on the matter’
    blah blah
    *unspectacular cross-exam*
    blah blah
    *file written submissions*
    Case closed.
    My childish court case fantasies are no more.

    • Kiriga III
      January 18, 2011

      Am in love with your mind…heeheee 🙂

  2. Mia
    January 24, 2011

    I worked for a law firm briefly…I get sleepy just thinking about it; endless supply of mundane courtroom documents blah blah blah. I couldn’t be a lawyer, if for no other reason than the sheer volume of boring paperwork required. Good luck though; we need good lawyers like N. Easterners need food.

  3. I can’t believe I threw that N.Eastern/Red Cross vibe get me into an appeal mood. but hey.

  4. Anonymous
    January 10, 2012


  5. Elphas opiyo
    January 10, 2012

    Wow…l like how law student reason out…i cant wait to be one of them

  6. kadesaadolwa
    September 6, 2013

    hahahahaha! I like the Lord Denning is watching part, I remember we used to ask ourselves in first year if Lord Denning was the only judge?

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